NIST - India's First NEBOSH Gold Learning Partner

NIST - India’s First NEBOSH Gold Learning Partner – An Honor of Excellence


NIST is very privileged to announce the Gold Learning Partner Status with the world-renowned UK independent examination board – NEBOSH, which recognized NIST as the “India’s First Gold Learning Partner” for accomplishing their six learning excellence principles. Undeniably, this is an outstanding achievement and proud taking moment for NIST.

Celebrating a Colossal Achievement


To commemorate and celebrate this benchmark achievement, NIST organized an event on 25th September 2019 in PAN India locations. As the day commenced with NIST’s 10th Annual General Meeting (AGM), the confluence went on with added specialty. The business celebration began with a group photo session, where the joy of the entire NIST team for achieving the NEBOSH Gold Learning Partnership status was captured in multifarious shots. The event was then instigated by Mr. Lawrence Andoni Raj - Director of Client & Customer Synergy; he congratulated the NIST team for their exemplary effort and extreme dedication in creating another milestone. Mr. Antony Selvaraj - Chairman & Managing Director of NIST, pointedly appreciated every team of NIST and depicted how the significance of every team enabled in attaining the exemplary status. Concordantly, employees were dressed up in grand attire to share their triumph. The event graciously ended with a cake-cutting ceremony followed by the celebratory lunch.


NEBOSH’s Learning Excellence Principles

From 132 countries, more than half a million students have pursued NEBOSH qualifications. Globally, NEBOSH has a network of 600 accredited learning partners whose performance is ranked based on their level of achieving the learning excellence principles. The global best practices of the accredited learning partner have been recognized in the learning excellence principles which involve world-class quality tuition, approved course materials, knowledgeable & competent tutors, innovative service delivery, creative learning environment, and excellent learner support.


Learning Experience at NIST

With unwavering commitments, NIST is offering the best quality service for a decade, which ultimately corresponds with the NEBOSH six learning excellence principles are as follows:


All learners are aware of “what is expected of them and what the learners can expect from NIST” in pursuing any international qualifications. The introductory course details are shared with the learners through updated brochures & website contents. Individual counselors are assigned to every registered learner. Syllabus & pre-course guidance are offered to learners to help them to choose the right qualifications. The disclaimer and terms & conditions of both NIST & NEBOSH are clearly explained during registration. The fee structure, the learner’s agreement towards the fee structure, and the learning partner’s expectations are well explained to the learners with transparency. The activities of the learners are monitored through the Learning Managing System (LMS) platform and NIST encourages the learners to utilize the discussion forum. Both verbal and written feedback of the learners is procured, analyzed, and appropriate solutions are provided to match the learners & learning partner expectations.

Learning Environment:

The international qualifications are rendered through the world-class comfortable, safe, and healthy learning environment which is predominantly engaging and encouraging. Comfortable training premises with excellent standards like adequate size, lighting, ventilation, air conditioning, welfare facilities, CCTV camera coverage, and first aid requirements are facilitated at NIST. Appropriate technologies in classrooms & online training are well sustained to enhance the learning experience with multimedia usage. An interactive, mobile-friendly e-learning platform is provided with quality learning material, video & audio content with excellent tutor interactions. NIST maintains the ‘tutor to learner ratio’ with regards to a timeframe for effective training delivery.

Learning Material:

To create a valuable learning experience, NIST imparts high–quality education with NEBOSH approved study materials which are precisely learner-friendly. The course materials are prepared up-to-date and are offered with relevant NEBOSH syllabus and qualification specifications. The updated learning materials, presentation slides are approved by NEBOSH and also reviewed periodically by the tutors. For learners with different abilities like slow learners & language difficulties, the session plans are created according to their conveniences. To create curiosity and encourage the learning interest, supplementary resources like technical blog & HSE articles are offered through the tutor and website.

Exceptional Tutors:

As trainers possess the backbone of imparting any effective education, trainers at NIST are highly qualified, knowledgeable, competent, and approved by NEBOSH. Trainers have the relevant HSE experience, membership from IOSH and persistently update their Continuous Professional Development (CPD). Tutors are creating innovative learning experiences with integrated theory and practices. The course contents are delivered consistently with a range of teaching methods which include collaborative learning forum, case studies, assessment, etc.

Service Delivery:

Based on the learner’s progression, their feedbacks are analyzed and offered with appropriate support. Tutors assess the performance & progress of each learner through summative & mock assessment. Learners are reviewed frequently to improvise their skill & knowledge and also to empower them to achieve their learning potentials.


NIST is committed to regularly review the service delivery for the continual improvement in learning excellence; it includes course review, tutor review, and learner’s feedback. NIST evidences the review & documents the course structure and delivery mechanisms, course completion rates, learner performances & pass rates and provides the action plan for improving the course delivery. Learner’s complaints are investigated within the specified time frame and control measures are taken & documented.

As every learner matters in making a difference in Health, Safety, and the Environment at the workplace; NIST fulfills the expectation of the learner and creates a positive NEBOSH learning experience. For this momentous Gold Learner status accomplishment, NIST congratulates all NISTians for their immense dedication and commitment towards work and wishing to cross many more exceptional achievements.