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Defensive Driving Training & International Course

Defensive driving is a combination of driving skills and methods that assist in recognising unexpected risks and making sound decisions. Following defensive driving and road safety principles enables the driver to handle and control the vehicle in an emergency, hence reducing the risk connected with it. At NIST Global, we offer both Corporate Bespoke Defensive Driving Training & Defensive Driving Course from National Safety Council, USA

Defensive Driving Course from National Safety Council, USA

For Both Corporates & Individuals

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  • Duration
    Half Day / 1 Day
  • Training Mode
    Online / Classroom
  • Learning Partner
  • Subject
    Defensive Driving
  • Level
    Awarenes / Intermediate
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  • Prerequisites
  • Scope
    Awareness - Theory,
    Intermediate - Theory & Practicals

Learn defensive driving skills

According to global statistics, 1.2 million people are killed and 50 million are injured in road accidents each year. It is essential to learn the safe driving practices & skills which will improve the performance of the driver, reduce vehicle crashes & injuries & crash-related costs. These proactive defensive driving techniques are intended to recognise the commuter's high-risk behaviour prior to the collision and to assist improvements.

Training Objective

The delegates benefit from defensive driving training by better understanding traffic laws, safe driving practices, and the necessary vehicle mechanics. The main objectives of the Defensive driving course online is to reduce the risk by anticipating the hazardous situation, adverse conditions & driving errors. Defensive driving benefits the driver in safe driving & also reduces the likelihood & consequence of vehicle collision & incidents. Defensive driving certification is now becoming imperative for drivers working in corporates, factories or any other workplace.


1 Day / 8 hours

Interactive Session of Defensive Driving

Learning Outcomes of Defensive Driving Course India

  • Understand the basics of defensive driving safety techniques with examples
  • Know the various dangers associated with moving vehicles.
  • Realize the importance of physical & mental wellbeing of drivers
  • Get in-depth information about various car conditions
  • Discuss about the various routes and environmental factors that cause accidents.
  • Identify the prerequisites for a safe site, safe driving conditions, and a safe trip.
  • Learn how to handle an accident or unforeseen circumstance
  • Describe how the occupants of the car are protected by the vehicle safety devices.

Who can take the Defensive Driving online class / in-person training?

  • Commercial vehicle drivers
  • Drivers employed in Organisation
  • Drivers of Emergency Vehicles
  • Equipment Operators
  • Any individual who drives a four-wheeler or two-wheeler

Benefits of Defensive Driving course

  • Improved capability to handle hazards that are not expected
  • Reduces fear and aids in making quick decisions
  • Transform the learners into responsible drivers
  • Enhance the advanced defensive driving knowledge & skills
  • Be more optimistic and avoiding penalties
  • Understand diverse crash prevention techniques
  • Reduce the likelihood of traffic violations and car collisions
  • Lessen car replacement and repair costs for the employer
  • Both on and off the job, a worker will be safe on the road


  • In order to achieve the Defensive Driving Certification, Delegates are assessed through a defensive driving exam which involves a multiple-choice questionnaire

Training Mode

  • Face to face training
  • Virtual training