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Scaffold Competent Person Training & International Certification

Scaffold Competent Person training is well-suited for individuals responsible for ensuring the overall safety of scaffold activities. Geared towards those involved in construction and related fields, the program imparts essential knowledge and skills necessary for overseeing and maintaining secure scaffold operations
In the realm of Scaffold Competent Person Training, NIST Global provides two distinct training services: NIST Certified Bespoke Scaffold Competent Person Training and the Scaffold Competent Person Training certification accredited by the Scaffolding Training Institute (STI), USA

Scaffold Competent Person Training from Scaffold Training Institute, USA

For Both Corporates & Individuals

  • Duration
    3 Days
  • Training Mode
    Classroom / Virtual
  • Learning Partner
  • Subject
    Scaffold Competent Person
  • Level
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  • Prerequisites
  • Scope
    Advanced - Theory & Practicals

Why Scaffold Competent Person Training?

In light of the most recent survey, it's alarming to note that scaffold-related incidents contribute to approximately 60 fatalities and 4500 injuries each year. The gravity of the situation is emphasized by the fact that roughly 25% of falls from scaffolds, occurring across diverse work surfaces, lead to fatal outcomes.

This concerning trend stresses the critical importance of fostering competent knowledge in scaffold safety practices. A robust understanding of safety protocols and adherence to best practices can significantly mitigate the risk of such scaffold-related incidents. By prioritizing comprehensive training and strict adherence to safety guidelines, workplaces can create an environment that minimizes accidents, safeguarding the well-being of workers and preventing tragic consequences.

Training Objective

Scaffold Competent Person training is crafted to provide essential knowledge and skills for overseeing the careful and precise supervision of scaffold erection, usage, and dismantling processes. The program guides participants in the nuanced skill of interpreting scaffold designs and delivering precise instructions to workers. Emphasizing a commitment to safety, the training equips individuals with the knowledge and best practices necessary for ensuring the secure erection, usage, and dismantling of scaffolds. By fostering a comprehensive understanding, this training significantly contributes to the creation and maintenance of a secure work environment.

Topics Covered in Scaffold Competent Person Training

  • Module 1: Introduction to Scaffold
  • Module 2: Planning for Work at Height
  • Module 3: Basic Scaffold Design
  • Module 4: Fundamentals of Erecting and Dismantling a Scaffold
  • Module 5: Inspection Of Scaffold

Who can take the Scaffold Competent Person online class / in-person training?

  • The Scaffold Competent Person Training is specifically crafted for individuals engaged in the planning, supervision, inspection, and management of scaffold-related activities within a workplace.
  • It is also beneficial for those in managerial roles overseeing scaffold activities or individuals looking to enhance their knowledge of scaffold inspection and design.


Multiple-choice questionnaire
Multiple-choice questionnaire

Training Mode

Face to face
Face to face training
Virtual training
Virtual training

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Benefits of Scaffold Competent Person Training / Course

Enhanced Safety: Participants acquire knowledge about potential scaffolding hazards, preventive measures, emergency response, and proactive risk management. This understanding is crucial for maintaining the safety of construction sites and ensuring the secure execution of scaffold activities without endangering human life.

Regulatory Compliance: Guarantees that individuals acquire comprehensive knowledge of both National and International regulations governing scaffolding operations. Adhering to these regulations serves as evidence of prioritizing safety in the workplace and is essential to steer clear of legal complications and penalties.

Proper Scaffold Design and Construction: Provides insights about the design and construction of scaffolds. This includes understanding load capacity calculations, proper assembly and dismantling procedures, and the use of appropriate materials. Properly designed and constructed scaffolding is crucial for its stability and safety.

Inspection Skills: Teaches individuals how to conduct thorough inspections of scaffolds. Regular inspections are necessary to identify any issues that may compromise the integrity of the scaffold. Detecting and addressing problems promptly helps prevent accidents.

Accident Investigation: Empowers individuals to conduct comprehensive investigations in the unfortunate event of an accident. It includes the skill of identifying the root causes of accidents and implementing corrective actions to prevent similar incidents in the future.

FAQ's - Scaffold Competent Person

What is a scaffold competent person?

A scaffold competent person is an individual possessing specialized training and expertise in the supervision of the secure design, construction, and utilization of scaffolding.

What is a scaffold competent person must have?

A scaffold competent person is required to possess essential qualifications, including a comprehensive understanding of safety regulations and proficiency in conducting meticulous inspections. Additionally, they must demonstrate proactive measures to effectively address potential hazards.

When scaffolds must be erected and inspected by a competent person?

During construction activities, OSHA 1926.451(f)(3) mandates that a competent person assess the scaffold and its components before the commencement of each work shift and after any incident that may impact the structural integrity of the scaffold.

What is the role of a competent person in scaffolding?

They are responsible for ensuring compliance with safety regulations, conducting inspections, and addressing potential hazards.

Are competent persons necessary when moving scaffolding?

According to OSHA 1926.451(f)(7), the erection, movement, dismantling, or alteration of scaffolds should be carried out exclusively under the supervision and guidance of a competent person. This work should be executed solely by skilled and trained employees chosen by the competent person.