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Practical Training Programs @ NIST

The significance of practical training is more welcoming in industry as it is an essential learning process which develops better understanding on the concept of Safety. This will deepen the knowledge and create profound impact on the learners that will help them remember the concept for a long time. Hence by imparting practical training to candidates on Fire Watcher (FW) and Confined Space Attendant (CSA), we enable you to be more cautious of the danger in the Workplace, avoid the accidents and keep the workers and the working environment safe and alarmed.

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Importance of Health and Safety Practical Training

Practical training and its demonstrations are much more effective to prevent any hazard from growing. No matter how much we are aware about the safety and its measures, we lose the acquaintances and start to panic about the situation. But hands-on approach on Safety is much more effective to deal the situations strongly, prevent the hazard professionally and to ensure the Workplace safely.

NIST as an proficient Health and Safety Institute all over India delivers effective practical training on Fire Watcher (FW) and Confined Space Attendant (CSA) modules which helps the safety professional to be aware of the causes of accidents and hazards, alarmed and use the various escape methods, excavate people safely, quickly and professionally during the event of accidents and to confidently uphold the duties of a Fire Watcher/Confined Space Attendant by maintaining safe and secured working environment.

Fire Watcher Course Overview

Every day through several media platforms we witness many Fire accidents which results in harmful diverse effects affecting many lives and properties. Lack of knowledge on Fire Safety is the main reason for such accidents and so a skilful safety professional on Fire and Safety has become mandatory for every company. Thus an efficient practical training on fire watch must be imparted to such safety professionals to preserve a safe workplace.

The Course is designed in such a way to benefit the fire watcher to start his career in Health and Safety Domain, to be knowledgeable and alarmed about the fire threats and preventions, usage of fire extinguishers, fire control methods, excavation procedures and to efficiently maintain the roles and responsibilities as a Fire Watcher under pressure.

Confined Space Attendant Course Overview

When there is a necessity to work under a confined space like storage tanks, sewers, tunnels and pipelines, confined space training is one of the most in-demand Safety training across the globe. It is must to know the technical rescue that happens in various situations in several workplace and industries.

The Confined Space Training at NIST provides Job Oriented tailor made practical training program that benefits you to identify and eliminate the hazard at confined spaces, Raise Alarm to the evacuation team in case of any emergency, prevent unauthorised persons from entering to the confined space and to professionally ensure a safe work as the Confined Space Attendant.


  • Hands-on training with ideal balance of knowledge and fun
  • Atmosphere at NIST is more conducive for focused and energetic learning
  • Hi-tech air-conditioned classroom with fully equipped and specialized practical labs, latest teaching Audio-Visual aids (LCD projector, Smart board, Speakers)
  • Effective training is provided by well experienced and proficient trainers with tailor-made curriculum with quality deliverance adds value to our standards.

Eligibility and Assessment Method

Without any prior experience, anybody can make a Progressive Career in Health and Safety field as a Fire Watcher and Confined Space Attendant by perusing these courses at NIST.

It is a 1 day training. Assessment includes Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) and practical assessments in 1 hour duration