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How to Avoid Blind Spots & Prevent Blind Spot Accidents? (Defensive Driving )

Blind Spots

Blind Spots

Blind spot – a physical phenomenon that every driver encounters on a regular basis. According to various assessments conducted thus far, thousands of road accidents occur as a result of vehicle mishandling due to these blind spots. Unfortunately, some of these mishaps result in fatalities and serious injuries to the occupants of the cars / vehicle. What’s worse, most of these accidents might have been avoided if drivers were informed of how to avoid blind spots and blind spot accidents. As a result, in this article, we will describe in full this naturally occurring phenomena and how it can be avoided. Continue reading until the end for more information on defensive driving and road safety

What is a Blind Spot?

To keep yourself and your passengers safe on the road, you must first grasp what a blind spot is and how it contributes to the incidence of so many accidents each year. One of the most basic driving regulations is that you should not leave your lane unless there is enough space to do so safely. The only way to determine this is to use the rear-view mirrors, both internal and external, because the vehicles behind you and those passing you on either side are visible in these mirrors. Unfortunately, there is a small area that is not covered by any of these mirrors, known as the blind spot. Simply put, A blind spot is just an area that neither your naked eyes nor your vehicle’s mirrors can cover.

Blind Spots

The vehicles in front of you are visible, while the majority of those behind you are visible in your rear-view mirror. Meanwhile, vehicles approaching from either side can be seen in the outside rear-view mirrors. When vehicles behind you enters an area not covered by any of the rear-view mirrors, you will be oblivious of the vehicle’s closeness. You might end up executing a potentially unsafe lane-change motion.

When something is in your blind spot, it becomes hard to see it unless you swivel your head back, which is dangerous because you must maintain your eyes on the road ahead at all times. This is why blind spots are so dangerous and cause so many accidents – Vehicles change lanes because they believe there is no traffic in the direction they are travelling, but accidents occur due to the proximity of the car that has been hidden in the blind spot.

As the car approaches from behind, it will be seen in your mirror(s) for a long time until it reaches a position where it is no longer visible. This is what is known as a blind spot. The car will soon return to the area of vision of your mirrors as it continues to overtake you. Several elements of your vehicle, such as the pillars and door frames may cause blind spots.

It is also critical to recognise that you may be in the blind area of another vehicle. As a result, you must exercise caution when approaching a car from behind in order to avoid being in his blind spot and instead of being clearly visible in the ORVMs (Outside rear view mirror). If you need to overtake, do it gently and quickly. Therefore, extra caution is essential, especially if you are near huge cars. A truck driver will have far larger blind areas than a vehicle driver. As a result, it is critical to exercise caution when near such massive trucks.

We hope that this blog has explained How to Avoid Blind Spots and Blind Spot Accidents.

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