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World Health Day - 2019

World Day for Safety

World Health Day

World Health Day is celebrated every year on 7th of April to commemorate the founding of the World Health Organisation in 1948. On this day, emphasis is paid on:

  • Knowledge dissemination and awareness on human health
  • Increase in life expectancy through good health
  • Promote a healthier living

2019 Theme for World Health Day - Universal Health Coverage

Aim of Universal Health Coverage-

Ensuring all people having access to quality health services where and when they require. No one should be left behind. At the same time, people should not suffer any kind of financial hardships for availing the services.

How to make Universal Health Coverage feasible?

Since health is being considered as human right, everyone must have access to healthcare services for which primary health care is the key. Most of the health care in terms of prevention and treatment one could avail at the first level of contact, i.e. primary health care, which is nothing but caring for people and helping them in improving health. Be it vaccination or health screening or treatment of health ailments, primary health care is the major source to look after these medical treatment and aid aspects.

Therefore, the focus should be to improve the quality of care at reasonable cost. Moreover, primary health care workers have the responsibility to educate people on the way to take health care of themselves. Equally, policy makers have the onus for making more investment on primary health care to realize universal health coverage reaches to all.


Health is center for development of any kind. Again, it becomes cornerstone for spurring economic growth for any country. As a resultant outcome, poverty could be alleviated which in turn would help to become a productive and financial nation. Thus, universal health coverage is a unifying force for overall development.