NIST - India's First NEBOSH Gold Learning Partner

World's Environment Day - 2015

Being a pioneer in educating the need and importance of safety in health, environment and food, NIST did not forget to insist the need of the hour issue. "Save the Planet" is a commitment for every individual irrelevant to their nationalities. NIST sends a loud message "Instead of leaving behind upgraded gadgets for our generations to look back that this was earth few decades before, let's leave behind a healthy environment to our generations to look forward how they can save the planet by their routine habits itself."

As a part of NIST's world environment day celebrations, NIST has probed a thought of saving the environment in much easier way so that everyone can follow it. Like every drop make an ocean, we from NIST had taken few initiatives; we have ensured all the NISTians have planted atleast two plants one for their house and one for their street. To save water, nothing huge initiative yet very efficient one as we told them to repair if they had any leaking pipes in their homes. Be it any greens or vegetables, we had insisted them to grow atleast one green and one vegetable for their family in their house in an organic way.

We have two choices, either we over utilize the entire natural resources given by nature to humans or we can educate and rebuild a generation which can effectively utilize the resources in a better way.

We can do better, NO we must do better.
Seven Billion Dreams. One Planet. Consume with Care.