NIST - India's First NEBOSH Gold Learning Partner

NIST has sponsored it's IDIP Candidates to attend graduation ceremony held at Warwick University in UK


"Take pride in how far you have come and have faith in how far you can go"

As Warwick University prided in hosting the NEBOSH Graduation & Awards Ceremony for the eleventh consecutive year, NIST prided in the fact that four of its delegates shared the dignified stage receiving the most prestigious safety award thereby committing them to the world's greatest endeavor "To Prevent Harm and Protect People".

A diploma degree in NEBOSH safety is considered the highest qualification in the field of Health and Safety. Great many organizations have acknowledged NEBOSH qualification as a perfect element to induce expert standards to maintain health and safety at work place all over the globe. As goes with its level of importance, NEBOSH International Diploma degree is highly challenging to complete, than the other NEBOSH General Certificates. The course is intensive, large and highly informative that demands a significant amount of dedication and effort form the pursuer to acquire knowledge and pass the exam with a credit.

Considering its importance & value and the effort put forth by the pursuer, NEBOSH organizes an honorary graduation ceremony where all the diplomats are identified and appreciated for their phenomenal achievement. This July 3rd, 2017, marked the 11th consecutive year of this grand celebration at Warwick University and NIST shares tremendous happiness that among 15 qualifiers, four of its entities have shared the gracious stage with safety professionals from around the globe.

"Champions Keep Playing Until They Get It Right"

NIST is privileged to share that the candidates Ms. Smisha Muraleedaran, Mr. Ganesan Ravi and Mr. Arun K Dharan, who took up NEBOSH IDip at NIST, flew from various countries to take part in the Graduation Ceremony at Warwick University to receive the highly valued Diploma qualification in Occupation Health & Safety. One doesn't achieve success in fluke or just by a stroke of luck. Success is a combination of skills, timing, hard work and blessing. They have come so far crossing all hitches to succeed in achieving this degree.

Ms. Smisha Murleedaran travelled with her family from Dubai to take part in the proud moment. With great efforts and sincerity she has cleared the diploma degree with a credit and has added laurels to her family and trainers. She delights in expressing gratitude to NIST and her trainers to have supported her in achieving this height. Mr. Ganesan Ravi, HSE project manager at VSL Middle East LLC, reached the port from Qatar to participate in this award ceremony. He's achieved a pass in IDip and is extremely happy on his journey to achievement. Mr. Arun K Dharan, lead consultant Sr. HSE Engineer for Health Care Construction project, flew to UK from Abu Dhabi to bag his treasured award. He too had achieved a pass and is consumed with bliss and happiness to receive the respectable degree on stage. They all have made NIST happy and proud. Their excellence clearly speaks of their hard work and talent. NIST congratulates their achievement and wish them all success in their undertakings.

NIST also appreciates all its trainers for efficiently guiding all the candidates by spending time, sharing thoughts with them and explaining the scope of the course syllabus and helping them grasp knowledge and information through self-study.

The celebration isn't over yet! NIST cherishes the moment when its Director of Client & Customer Synergy, Mr. Lawrence Andoni Raj received the prestigious NEBOSH International Diploma from the Chair of NEBOSH, Sir Bill Callaghan. Fully committed to his work and with uncompromising sincerity Mr. Lawrence has put in more hours, sacrifices and dedication to pass the most respected NEBOSH International Diploma degree with a Credit. With heart full of wishes, NISTians respectfully congratulate our awesome boss for his success.

NIST bathed with pride as Mr. Lawrance walked the stage and collected the award that marked him as a qualified Health Safety and Environment practitioner. NIST thankfully appreciates his achievement and celebrates his victory as its own.

NIST doesn't stop with providing excellent safety platform, brilliant coaching and exceptional trainers; it takes all initiatives to take its delegates higher and delights in seeing them achieve stardom. All the NIST candidates who had cleared NEBOSH IDip were offered a 50% sponsorship to fly to the grand award ceremony and join in body and soul with the remarkable gathering of safety practitioners. NIST appreciates and thanks Ms. Smisha Muraleedaran, Mr. Ganesan Ravi and Mr. Arun for accepting the sponsor to take part in the ceremony making their family and company proud.

Congratulations, Graduates!