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National Safety Day!!!


Your life is valuable, be cautious at work.

Even today, we can see a lot of sectors which does not subsume any safety legislations. On 4th March 2015 'National Safety Day' it is our duty and responsibility to cogitate the importance of SAFETY .NIST take this day as an opportunity to motivate all the workers to work together for a common good.

NIST would encourage taking a pledge today to rededicate to the cause of safety, health and the protection of environment. Organizations can develop specific activities as per your safety requirements. Make your safety records with zero injuries and reward the workers with improved safety behaviour. This can really take up your business profits hit a record high within few years.

Accidents and diseases are the drain to our economy which leads to disablement deaths, harm to health and property. Don't learn safety from accidents, understand the importance of safety and do the best to observe the safety rules, regulations and develop an attitude to subdue these deterrents and achieve your objectives.

Safety starts with you. Realize it and lets do all the viable things to prevent accidents and occupational diseases and protect the environment in the interest of self, family, organization and the nation at large.