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Health Safety Management System and Documentation

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    Health Safety Management System and Documentation
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Health safety management system involves a combination of planning and review, the management organizational arrangement, and specific program elements that work together in an integrated way to improve health and safety at work. Organizations non-compliance to this system, encounters workplace accidents both injury and death. In this regard, organizations need to introspect in terms of:

  • Are the existing safety training methods adequate to prevent accidents?
  • Is there any lack of awareness and unsafe behavior practice?
  • Are they any constraints related to flow of information?
  • Is there any monitoring system in place to look into hazards and subsequent risks?
  • Are the workers using appropriate tool?
  • Is there any emergency preparatory measure to deal with possible hazards in future?

Likewise, there could be so many intriguing questions to which organizations must take into consideration. NIST provides best of solutions and prepares documents to deal with above issues by:

  • Studying previous hazard incidences
  • Reviewing existing health and safety management
  • Identifying the gap in existing health and safety management system
  • Redesigning techniques for hazard identification and risk assessment
  • Redesigning safety training module
  • Improving health management system by ensuring ergonomically safe workplace

We develop the document in compliance with national laws, where the focus is on integration of health safety management system into overall policy available at organizational level.