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Thanks to NIST again, You guys made My Life as Heaven


What else can bring you more Tears of Joy when your nurtured child Attains Heights in Life! Mohit Dashora is such a pride to NIST, a NEBOSH IGC student who have turned his struggles into strength after pursuing in NIST (Pune).

As said, Mother's success is relied on the Success of her Children's accomplishments and happiness, that's how NIST treasures when our cultivated candidate Mohit shares his Success with us.

Though, we have set benchmarks by completing 500+ NEBOSH IGC batches and 10968 candidates were professionally trained, NIST's success counts when a candidate shines in his/her professional and personal life.

So far NIST has transformed the lives of many people through peerless training, auditing, consulting and other occupational safety services. But this is one of the most remarkable and heartfelt feedbacks we have ever received on our training.

Let us see what Mohit Dashora expresses his heart out about his Journey with NIST,

"I Mohit Dashora pursued NEBOSH IGC training at NIST Pune last year (MAR'17). Now, I would like to share my state of mind about this journey with NIST. It has been a year now and we can't express how the time flies so fast.

On this occasion, I would like to express my emotions and the experience gained through NIST batch from start to till date.

It was a Challenging moment when I took NEBOSH IGC at Pune, because I had lost my Job then; and my parents were uninformed that I am leaving to Pune for learning NEBOSH IGC.

I was panicked and tensed about clearing the IGC exams, since financial issues were also a concern by the time when I went to Pune. Initially I then met Pooja Mam, where her assistance and moral support were too helpful in clearing the exams during my distress.

As she said, clearing NEBOSH IGC can be achieved but upon few difficulties. She continuously enquired my learning progressions and took lunch with us to interact and support to know our situation. I have no words to express my gratitude to her. All I can express my thanks and appreciations to Pooja Mam and also Kaka who is an unforgettable and a too good person.

After which I met Divinity in the form of my IGC Tutor, Ms. Rohini Karangi in the Classroom. She is amazing and the best teacher in my life. Her method of teaching is very creative. She always cares for each student. She highly regards to ask our problems individually, clears and explains doubts several times. I remember those days when she clarifies our queries immediately in WhatsApp group texts even at late night during the group study with my batch mates. She assisted us with lot of tactics and by the way, I have cleared NEBOSH IGC exams in the first attempt. Besides, I appreciate another specialty of her that is she treats us as her child.

During my training, I have never felt that I was away from my home since Rohini Mam has been like a guardian and treated us as her Family Member. I remember a lot of fun we enjoyed with her during the lunch time of our batch. I bethink her a lot. She is really too awesome, lovely and unforgettable, because her assistance and mentoring have changed my life. Her love, support and courage have given me the strengths to reach the level where I stand today. We realize her struggles in guiding us, and I am glad that I am a NEBOSH IGC holder only because of her.

Now I feel so glad that I have Cleared NEBOSH IGC owing to the reasons stated above, that all have changed my life.

I was jobless when I joined NIST, but now after I got trained in NIST, I got a Short term Job. Once after the results, I got a job in P&G as a safety Incharge through consultant. The next big thing in my life is that my Dream came true; I have purchased my own house due to her blessings. In the beginning I don't own any house due to financial concerns of my family, But now My whole Family is happy and feels proud of me.

To conclude, I extend my gratitude to all the mentioned three and the entire NIST team who made my life as heaven. I look forward for your continual support.

Thanks to NIST again by which my life has changed so progressively!"

These heartfelt words not just depict NIST's outstanding training qualities, tutors expertise & guidance, Team's assistance, number of batches or professionals trained; it shows how NIST is passionately committed in cultivating & bringing up the talents of an individual that an aspirant holds. Besides this, NIST as a Successful Platform uplift lives of many of its candidates to reach the summits through its exceptional training services!

NIST is immensely proud to share this success story of Mohit Dashora and we would like to express our gratitude to him for his effort and perseverance in clearing the exams and excelling in his life. NIST wishes him many more successes on his future endeavors.