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What is Health & Safety Audit?

What is Health & Safety Audit?

Promoting safe working conditions and complying with the safety regulations are crucial for workplace health and safety. However, disregarding the rules or failing to recognise a potential risk results in workplace accidents. Basically, the audit’s goal is to determine conformity with defined norms. So audit is simply more than just hazard identification; it is a thorough review of an organization’s health & safety management.

A safety audit is a structured procedure that examines the company’s health & safety management system to determine how successful and reliable it is, as well as how efficiently it operates.

Conducting safety audits has two primary goals:

1) The first goal of its conduct is to determine whether all of the company’s safety and health rules are being followed or not, which is the employer’s responsibility to follow and get it done.

2) It is used to identify flaws in the company’s safety programme and process. Within the organisation, such safety audits are used as a guide to build the safety plan & identify safety corrective actions.

Safety Audit Procedure

1. Audit Objective – During the audit, it is clear what the audit’s aim is and how essential it is to the entire organisation. And it is concentrated in the areas where it is required.

2. Audit Scope: Conduct a thorough safety audit with the goal of identifying the gaps and making recommendations for steps to enhance the processes and management system, ultimately improving the organization’s health and safety culture and reducing the number of incidents.

3. Selection of Audit Team – The number of people in the audit team is determined by the size of the organisation, whether it is little or large.

4. Contact with Organisation Being – Before starting on an audit, contact that company. And we will explain our audit plan and seek the paperwork needed for the audit.

5. Under Taking the Audit – In this step, the auditors visit the company to be audited and request the documents needed for the audit, such as the RA Sheet, Checklist, Work Permit System, and so on, as well as the Reports and action plan from the previous audit. And by comparing it to the new one, we can determine how much progress the company has made in terms of safety.

7. Reports of Findings – Finally, he writes his report and informs the organisation about the non-conformities he discovers during the safety audit, highlighting them in a written document.

8. Organisational Action – If the auditing team discovers non-conformities when conducting the safety audit, they notify the firm and see if the organisation attempts to resolve the safety issue.

Health & Safety Audit @ NIST Global

AT NIST Global, we offer Safety Auditing services for a myriad of industries. We have been serving Top Giant Corporates with our robust safety auditing services like:

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  • Fire & Life Safety Audit

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